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Hopeless romantic (and total Enneagram 9), lover of light,  experiences, and the joy of bringing confidence and happiness into others' lives.

I am 26 years old based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. If you know me, then you know that music is one of my all time favorite things in life. I am absolutely obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and have been since 2006 when they started. I am a concert junkie. No really, I go to at least 6-10 concerts a year. (Hit me up if you need a concert buddy!!) My ideal happy place is in an arena full of people singing the same song as the artist on the stage in perfect harmony. There is no other feeling like it in the world. In my countless hours spent editing photos, I am either listening to music or binge watching a new TV show(I think I might be running out of shows to watch after this virus though…). I enjoy the simplicity of going to the movies, experiencing a new film with a room full of strangers and getting caught up in the laughter. I would take going to the movies over a night at home, any day. I have three small tattoos that all mean something special to me. I live on my family farm with 28 head of cattle and our 3 dogs! If I am not editing or shooting, I am probably hanging out with our baby calves. 

HEY I'm kasey!!

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My clients are absolute queens who are looking for a senior portrait experience that will capture their authentic selves in all their realness.

My clients are looking for someone who will make them feel so comfortable in front of the camera, no matter if it is the first time or the 20th time in front of it. My clients appreciate sessions that are full of laughter and happiness. They appreciate the value of having photos taken by someone that can make the real version of themselves shine. 



It’s your story, let’s capture it together.

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Each person that steps in front of my camera will leave feeling 


I put my heart and soul into this business. It’s who I am. All I want in life is to help others realize how beautiful God made them. There is beauty in everything, you just have to see it. I especially love getting to work with high school and college seniors because this is the time in your life that you constantly need to be reminded that you are worthy of anything. The world can be a horrible place trying to tear you down, but you cannot listen to it. 

Some photographers would see you as just another client. I like to keep up with you even after the session. I am all about making lasting relationships and cheering you on in life, because sometimes, we all need that extra encouragement. So, once you book a session with me, be prepared for a lifelong cheerleader!

i am invested way past the session.

When you book with me, I reach out with a questionnaire to make your senior portrait experience personalized just to you!! I love getting to hear about you and what you love the most, to make these photos the best that you ever have!

i create
your vision.

If you want an open field, I got you. If you want urban Old City vibes, I got you. If you want a mixture of the two, I got you. And if you want to use your own property? You guessed it, I got you!

i know all the best spots.



Join my friends who follow along for more of my latest work, behind the scenes, senior experiences, and the things that inspire me daily.



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