the senior who is getting their heart ripped out because all of your last moments are being taken away…

the senior that misses their friends so much that it aches…

the senior that is so tired of seeing everyone else post about their senior years in the past…

Your feelings matter.

There is no nice way to say it. This sucks! No matter how much they try to make up for it, this sucks. You don’t get to walk through the halls for the last time. You don’t get to attend that class you always said you hated(but secretly miss it now) for the last time. You don’t get to dance at your senior prom with your friends now. You don’t get to walk across the stage and have a full summer to make lasting memories with friends you may not see again.

Yes, it feels like the end of the world right now, but I’ve got some good news…

Things will get better.

It really may suck right now, but your future is going to be amazing. No matter what our “new normal” looks like, you are going to have an awesome life. You will go to college and make new memories. You will bond with other kids your age over this horrible thing you share. It may take you longer than your friends to start feeling happy and taking on the world again, but you will get that happiness. If you look back on history, great things always come from tragedy. Yes, I am referring to this as a tragedy. It is, but the good news is, you will get through this. And you will be a better person because of this.



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